Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What became of the fabric

Envelope-style cushion covers.

Who knew they would be the easiest things in the world to make? Not me, as I interrogated a very patient Aussie Mum not once but twice about the detailed steps required. Ha! As if that were necessary (though she was sainted enough not to say as much to my face).

Here's how to make your own:
Measure the width of your cushion.
Then wrap the tape measure around and overlap as much as you want the cover to overlap in the back.
Write down those numbers and add an inch to each for seams.
On the short ends, fold over 1/4" twice to enclose raw edge and stitch down.
Sew zigzag stitch all the way down the long sides.
Then, fold the fabric (wrong-side out) into envelope, check the measurement, pin sides and sew each side edge shut with a straight stitch.
Flip right-side out, push out your corners, and stuff the cushion inside.
Done! No buttons, zips, nada!

And I've got one happy kid here. She loves these cushions! I almost feel vindicated for lugging around that cheap IKEA duvet cover for the past four years (and 2 countries)...


  1. Well done they look great and your instructions are so much clearer than mine!

  2. Couldn't have done them without your instructions! Thanks again!