Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Knitting for big girls

For weeks, I have been slowly knitting a Neighborly vest for a non-knitting friend. She loved the vest I knit for her daughter last year and wanted one in her own size. I can do the math for this right? Perhaps I can...but I didn't. I copied someone else's modifications from ravelry without hesitation. Now that I'm nearing the finish line, I have spotted the flaw in my actions.

(this is me, trying on the vest over my clothes while trying not to drop stitches off needles)

Copying someone else's modifications is all well and good, if the person is specific about the outcome (this person wasn't) and knit exactly as you do (not likely). Without a thought in my head about stitch count or measurements, I increased and increased stitches until it would seem I am knitting a maternity vest (um, recipient-friend is not preggers).

I know I need to unknit about twenty rows, undoing increases as I go, and restart from the first row of trouble.
I know this.
But I do not like to un-knit.
At all.

I am much more tempted to finish it as it is and gift it to a preggers friend; intended recipient will have to wait. Very tempting, though not very nice since my friend bought the yarn and has been patiently waiting for several months already (hey, I would pay for the yarn so...).


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