Friday, January 27, 2012

A birthday tradition

Some traditions are worth losing a little sleep over.

Tonight, I went out to dinner with a good girlfriend. We had been meaning to catch up for a while, and our night out was great fun. I got home at around 9:30—still relatively early—but everyone was fast asleep. I could have happily joined them but then I remembered, I have a tradition to uphold, and I put myself straight to work.

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday, and in our family, we agree that birthdays should start with cake and candles and the birthday song. Hubby opts for Geburtstagbrezel instead of cake (that’s our New Year’s traditional treat--Neujahrsbrezel from his baker-uncle’s recipe--that he feels is too good to only have once per year).

We’re normally in bed by 10. Lately, it’s been even earlier. Right now, it’s nearly midnight. Yes, my eyes are droopy, but the brezel is made, the dining room is decorated, the table is set for breakfast and the birthday gifts are at his place, waiting to be discovered.

Totally worth it.
Happy Birthday to my best friend and love!


  1. Happy Birthday Markus are such a wonderfully doting wifey & put us to shame ! xxx

  2. I hope you all enjoyed Markus' birthday! x