Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sailing on the Leeuwin

Thanks for the birthday love! It turned out to be a fantastic day! Starting with blowing out the candles on his Geburtstagbrezel, we did all sorts of frivolous and fun things all day (have you test-driven a Mini Cooper Countryman?) until winding it up with a twilight sail on the Leeuwin tall ship.

Onboard, there are lots of options for those with get-up-and-go. You can heave sails, climb the mast, crawl out on the bowspirit, take a tour below decks, or even help steer. If you happen to be prone to seasickness or a fear of heights (ahem), you will probably be quite happy just going along for the beautiful ride (as long as you remember to take your seasickness tablets 30 minutes before departure). A friend graciously looked after our girls so we could enjoy the sail as a date. What a fantastic birthday!

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