Thursday, January 12, 2012

Journaling in the new year

After years of journaling hiatus, I feel it's time to start journaling again...but where to start? How to start? The truth is, it isn't easy anymore. My thoughts run faster and longer than my opportunities to record them, and frankly, sometimes it just feels like one more thing to do (and who needs that?).

Magically, today in my inbox was an email that should have gone to junk, but somehow didn't. It was from the stationer kikki.K, all about journaling in the new year. The blog offers up a stream of great journaling prompts to get you writing. The most meaningful tips came from this entry. The essence (in my words):

Get going! No rules!
Realize that habits take time to form. Every time you skip journal time makes it easier to skip the next day and the next...
Take the pressure off an outcome and simply put pen to paper, even if that means doodling or even simply drawing a grid on the page.
Ideas: Record a quote. Print out and glue in a photo from the day. Draw. Doodle.
Making that time for yourself and your journal is what really counts.

Have you been toying with the idea of journaling?
What has your new year looked like thus far?


  1. Thanks, Cass! I'm sure you recognize an element or two of your enthusiastic support in the photo...
    (Cass provided the vintage teacup and saucer AND the pen to make me get started)

  2. i'm all about encouragement....especially if it comes beautifully packaged!