Monday, December 10, 2012

For our feathered friends

Last week, Stephanie spied pinecones swinging on strings in the trees around Ellie's school.  The Kindergarten class had been making bird feeders.  Not sure how a pinecone could be a bird feeder, Stephanie declared that would be our next project.  Lucky us ran into a neighbor that same morning who had leftover pinecones from her Thanksgiving centrepiece, so we had four to start.

pinecone bird feeder

If you've never made a pinecone bird feeder, the process is very simple.  Tie a length of string or yarn or ribbon in a loop and wedge one side of that loop into the top of the pinecone.  Using a smooth knife or spreading tool (like a small spatula), spread peanut butter all over the pinecone.  Smoothing up from the bottom helps wedge the peanut butter in the nooks and crannies.  Then, roll the peanut-butter-covered in bird seed.

pinecone bird feeder

Hang it from a branch and tah-dah!  Watch your feathered friends enjoy their gift.


I couldn't get a close picture, but the birds loved Stephanie's feeder.  She hung it in a bush just outside our kitchen window, so I enjoyed watching the sparrows come all afternoon and even a lady cardinal joined in.  We strongly suspect the deer were interested in it too, because it was halfway down the driveway the next morning, smooshed flat on one side.

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