Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tea Advent calendar

tea Advent calendar

Last year, I received my first "grown-up" Advent calendar from the wonderful Aussie Mum: a bag of tea for each day of December leading up to Christmas.  Such a simple idea but it felt so special, I had to return the favour this year and pay it forward as well.

Before Thanksgiving, I posted out four tea Advent calendars to girlfriends Down Under and two more stateside.  I love that my tea-drinking girlfriends will have a cuppa from me each day, a small daily reminder that I'm thinking of them.

With so many calendars in progress, I could vary the daily flavours quite a bit so I bought eight varieties of tea.  I wrote out the numbers 1-24 on white card stock and my girls helped me colour them in.  I stapled the numbers to each tea bag on the border and posted them out in a padded envelope.  For the one calendar that didn't need posting, my daughter helped me to redecorate one of the empty tea boxes, which made perfect packaging.

Tea Advent Calendar idea originated from Domesticali.  Thanks, Ali!


  1. I got mine in the post on Monday so I have had a couple of lovely catch-up days with some truly yummy teas! Thanks you so much.

    PS - Katrina came to our house for book club on Tuesday and she bought her tea too - sorry I wasn't organised enough this year!

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  3. TEANZO 1856 has a cute Tea Advent Calendar, loaded with delicious loose leaf teas and 24 filters.