Sunday, October 7, 2012


Some of the many projects swimming in my brain these days involve sewing clothing for the girls.  This will be our first cold winter in quite a long while, and we simply aren't geared up for it.  We need warm pants and tops (long johns, coats, snow pants, boots...).  For most of that, I'll need to make some purchases, but I haven't found quite what I wanted as far as pants and tops go, especially for Stephanie.  Both of my girls are long and lean, meaning even the pants with the adjustable waist bands end up getting cinched so tightly they aren't comfortable.  We just want simple things in cute fabrics; why is that so challenging?  Oh wait, I have a sewing machine...

Patterns patterns patterns #kcwc

The week Meg of elsie marley is hosting the Kids Clothes Week Challenge (KCWC).  The challenge is to commit at least one hour each day to sewing clothes for children.

Like many moms who sew, I have great intentions (and a ridiculous stash to prove it), but I don't make or take the time to follow through.  Honestly, I find the sewing process a bit daunting.  It's like origami: each step has to be done precisely or the end result won't look right.  First, you prepare your fabric and trace the pattern.  Then, you cut out the pattern.  Then, you cut out your fabric.  Only then may you sew (itself a multistep process involving lots of ironing).  What I find difficult is I rarely have the luxury to flow from start to finish in one go.  Most often, it's start, stop and put it all away, days (weeks?) pass, get the pieces back out again, try to figure out what you were doing, resume, stop, put it all away...and just thinking about this stops me before I begin.

Fabric I couldn't resist #kcwc

The KCWC respects this process (and frustration).  It's just one hour per day for one week.  You can count any or all of the steps as your committed hour.  If you pick simple projects, you might even finish more than one!  I'm hoping to make a couple of pairs of simple elastic waist pants* and maybe even a top or two.  Want to join us?  Sign up by commenting here.  There's a whole dedicated community Pinterest board here.

*I have made pants from this pattern before, but in case you are needing inspiration, Meg invited guests to share variations on that pattern in the week leading up to KCWC.

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