Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another Puerperium cardigan

This past Tuesday, I finally sewed on the buttons and gifted a long-sleeved baby cardigan to one of the moms in my daughter's ballet class.  Crazy to gift a handmade to someone I hardly know?  Probably.  The grandmother was there at the time, and she called it "just above and beyond."  Secretly, I was happy for the excuse to knit this pattern again.  There are no seams, and it doesn't pull over baby's head.  It might be the perfect baby pattern.

  striped Puerperium cardigan

Like last time, I used Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK.  It feels heavenly soft and non-itchy, and it is machine-washable for people who cannot handle the idea of hand-washing baby knits.

Striping was a new skill for me.  While the body and sleeves came out beautifully, the button bands show my lack of experience.  One side is quite loose while the other is super-tight (that required some very tough love blocking to stretch it out).  Oh well.  Not knowing the recipient very well means I'll never know how much or how little she uses it, so I can just enjoy the project and hope she enjoys the result.

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