Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KCW Spring 2013: Days 2 + 3

Subtitle: "Doubling Up"

While I was excited to get going on the class picnic blouse I planned on Monday, I wanted reassurance on the fabric.  Hubby suggested I ask Ellie, since it was for her.  Ellie loved it!  Off we go, right?  Naturally, Stephanie tagged along to look at the same time and insisted she have the same blouse from the same fabric, and could it be ready yesterday please?  Definitely a no on the last two counts (barely have enough fabric for one blouse), but it made sense to sew the same pattern for her simultaneously.  I spent Day 2 of the challenge prepping the pattern and fabric for a size 5 class picnic blouse in a cute matryoshka print, which Stephanie isn't convinced she loves yet.  You can see in the photo two other fabrics that were considered and rejected as "maybes".

class picnic blouse yokes in progress

Day 3 starts the sewing.  Had I planned better, the two blouses would need the same colour thread, but they don't.  As it is, I change up every few steps so both blouses will be completed around the same time.  This makes the process seem very slow, but I think it's the smartest route to avoiding Serious Sister Envy.

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