Monday, April 22, 2013

KCW Spring 2013: Day One

It's time for Kids' Clothes Week!  It's a challenge to commit yourself to one hour of sewing (or sewing prep) each day for a week.  That's seven hours of kids' clothes work, enough to make a garment or two even if you are relatively new to it.

Naturally, this week is atypically crazy busy for me and I'll be away this weekend, tempting me to blow the challenge off entirely...but I won't!  Clearly, Friday through Sunday will be a fail, but I will do my best to meet the challenge the other days and make up the weekend next week.

Today, I only had time after the kids were in bed, so I kept it simple.  I traced, cut and prepared the fabric for one project.  If I include the time I spent this afternoon digging through my stash and debating pattern choices for the week ahead, I made today's hour commitment.  The first project to be tackled is Oliver + S's class picnic blouse for my big girl.  I have a beautiful Kaffe Fassett print in my stash.  Not sure if there's enough fabric or if it's the best choice, but we'll see!  The main point of this challenge is to dump the excuses and just get sewing!

KCW Spring 2013: class picnic blouse #1

Other projects I hope to attempt for her this week are an ice cream dress and a top from Happy Handmade Vol 2.  If the class picnic blouse comes out cute (I hope!), I will sew one for my wee girl as well.  She might even get an ice cream dress too.  All that work will take me above and beyond the 7 hours, but I like the excuse to tackle some long-term ideas I've had simmering in my mind.  I already have all the fabric, so letting it sit unused is silly.

KCW Spring 2013 fabric pile

Care to join in?  Check out the all-new KCW blog and sign up!

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