Sunday, October 21, 2012

A new shirt for Stephanie

Look at this cutie wearing an outfit of mama-mades!

Wearing an outfit of mama-mades!

Today, I finally finished pattern n from Happy Handmade Vol 2.

Happy Handmade Vol 2, pattern n

This may be the most darling thing I have ever sewn.  The fabric is a buttery-soft corduroy, so it feels as wonderful as it looks (or at least, we think so).  I really like this pattern.  The top is loose and flowing without being baggy.  The gathers at the neck and below the button band and the ruffle at each sleeve are gorgeous details.  I used a piece of lace to cover the gathers, and I found some sweet love-heart buttons to finish it.

Happy Handmade Vol 2, pattern n (details)

Full of excitement about my latest creation, I was fully prepared for it to be rejected by my discerning little fashionista.  Not so!  She loves it!  Off came the top she was wearing and now she won't take this one off (hooray!).  It even matches the pants I made.

Happy Handmade Vol 2, patterns n and o

And most importantly, the outfit stands up to actual life, which is really the whole point.

mama-made action shot


  1. Jennifer, it's GORGEOUS!!! I want another little girl now, just so I can copy you shamelessly!

  2. So clever! I love it!....not to mention the EXTREMELY CUTE & CHEEKY child that is wearing it! x

  3. Thanks, friends! I am ridiculously chuffed about this. And her. And Gayle, the pattern would size to fit Sophie. It goes up to 140.