Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ixxi tulips

room with ixxi flowers

Taking pictures has long been one of my favorite hobbies.  How to display those pictures isn't always so obvious.  We have tried a gallery wall, but we rarely change the pictures in the frames, despite intentions to keep them updated.  Besides, always living in a rented home leaves me wary of all those holes that must later be patched and repainted.  So, how to display a lot of pictures without a lot of heavy frames and oh-so-many holes in the wall?  Take a look at the pictures above the couch.  I'd like you to meet ixxi.

The system is very easy to use.  You can choose from images on the ixxi site or upload your own.  Then, you can drag and crop to get the squares just as you like them.  You preview your grid to make sure the finished system will look just the way you want it to, and then you let them to the rest.  The printing turn-around was very quick.  We were happy to find the assembly instructions were easy to follow, and ixxi included a printout of my finished grid so we would see where we were headed.

The photo tiles are very light-weight and hang from an included plastic strip which adheres to the wall with strong but removable adhesive tape (no holes and very limited patching-if any-to be done when you take it down).

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 10.58.37 AM

I found and pinned this supercool system on Pinterest over a year ago, but I waffled about using it.  How would the photos look?  How would the tiles feel?  Would it be something we would enjoy?  Finally, I admitted there was only one way to find out.  I thought about all the photos we have, and I found it too hard to narrow down the choices of what to print.  At the time, it was still winter here.  The skies were grey and I was desperate for colour, so I decided to print my tulip photos from our years in The Netherlands.

I really enjoy the look of the tiles.  It reminds me of Holland (ixxi is Dutch), which seems even better because that is the source of my images too.

I now plan to make large ixxi systems for the girls' bedroom with photos from all the amazing places they have been.  Sure, it's going to be hard to narrow down the choices, but we can't let these pictures hide in the computer any longer.

How do you like to display your photos?

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