Friday, July 26, 2013

Ocean Springs, Mississippi


she and her shadow





hermit crab tracks

A week ago, we were in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  It was once a small, sleepy town on the Gulf Coast.  My dad was posted to the military base near there when I started high school, and he loved the pace and the views so much that he returned for good after he retired.  He passed away the year Hurricane Katrina barrelled in and changed everything forever, but we still go back.  We go to see our Grandmary.  We indulge in cake doughnuts at Tato Nut, barbeque at The Shed, chicken salad at Martha's, and iced tea everywhere.  We savour the views and the peace and relaxation it brings to us each time, even when the pain of that horrible year comes back to squeeze and bite and hurt, because sometimes in feeling that much pain and sorrow, I am reminded of all the good that has come since, all that I have to be thankful for in the present, and of all the strength and peace that can be found, just when it is needed most.


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