Saturday, July 27, 2013

Warm and toasty hand mitts

I'll admit it: although last weekend in Mississippi felt relaxing and wonderful and good for the soul, it hurt my heart not just a little bit too, remembering against my will because the place associations are just too strong.  I was surprised to feel it again when I pulled up the pictures to share with you.  After all, the views from that beach have always brought on all those feelings of joy and peace that we so treasure.

Let's move on to some knitting, shall we?

modeling the hand mitts

All that chair sittin' time in Grandmary's sunroom allowed for some good knitting.  I brought yarn and needles with me and left with one hand mitt done.  Some knitting on the plane, a bit more the next morning and voila!  A Christmas present, now complete, and it's only July!  I am more than a little high on my success.

wool-alpaca mitts

Being a slow knitter, or at least one who doesn't find (make?) much time to knit, I'm trying to plan and pace my goals out this year.  High off of two completed projects, I feel ready to tackle my list: big project, small project, big project...  The small projects will be Christmas gifts; the big ones will be pullovers for the girls and finally finally completing the cardigan for myself.  This is the first: handmitts to keep a loved one's pair of hands toasty warm in the cold winter months to come.
Here, they are modeled by my sweet wee girl, who insists she also needs a pair, just as long as these but perhaps not quite so big around.

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