Monday, July 29, 2013

Phipps Conservatory

On Sunday, we made a trip into Pittsburgh for our first visit to Phipps Conservatory.  Now, having been, we have no idea why we waited so long to go.  It is wonderful.  Such diversity of plant life, so beautifully laid out, and there's a delicious cafe onsite as well.  It is perfect for families, for dates, or for a solo visit.  If you aren't busy tomorrow, I suggest you go and see it yourself.

 Phipps Conservatory

dramatic entry


bromeliad colour

great floor compass mosaic

botanical glass

glass garden guardians

Hubby and I were awed by the incredible glass sculptures throughout the indoor gardens.  We especially fell for these etherial glass guys by Hans Godo Fraebel.  They were walking silently through a koi pond and moving noiselessly through the tropical lushness.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor discovery garden.  There was a touch garden for plants of different textures, including an amazing "sensitive plant" that curled its leaves inward at the gentlest touch.  I showed them the bug-eating pitcher plants and Venus fly traps.  Best of all were the little child-sized watering cans thoughtfully set out near a small fountain.  Every child there seemed unable to resist them, filling and refilling, watering every little plant, shrub and bit of soil in sight.

learning about pitcher plants

watering in the discovery garden

Well done, Phipps.  What a wonderful visit!

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