Friday, October 12, 2012

KCWC Day 5: The cozy corduroy spree continues

I woke up this morning thinking of how I had "completed" the turquoise pants after my girl had gone to bed, but they didn't feel complete.  They could use a lining, so I spent about 30 minutes sewing a flannel pair of pants following the same pattern.  I have had this Anna Maria Horner flannel for a long time.  I had intended it for pyjamas, but that never happened.  While it seems silly to "waste" it as a hidden lining, it seems sillier not to use it, so here it is as pants:

Flannel pants to line the corduroy pair #kcwc

Then, it was time for the seam ripper.  I needed to rip the waistband and the hems of the corduroy trousers to add the lining.

Ripping seams (please oh please no damage...) #kcwc

I couldn't do it.  On my very first go with the seam ripper, the metal went through the fabric and made a hole, so I wimped out.  The turquoise pair is cute and fine as it is, so I'll just have to buy more corduroy and make a new pair to line.

My remaining 30-plus minutes were devoted to cutting the pieces for pattern n out of the softest (and quite possibly the cutest!) corduroy I have ever touched.  It is "Get it Together!" pinwale corduroy in "flock of birds", purchased here.  I want to make it into baby blankets, it is so soft.

Softest, sweetest corduroy, possibly ever #kcwc

Before getting started this time, I took time to study the diagrams.  Bias tape from the fabric is required at the neckline, and I was trying to figure out the dimensions.  So satisfying when I decoded it!  The pattern calls for a strip of fabric cut on the bias, 3cm x 50 cm.  Fold and press it so one side is 0.7cm (doubled) and the other is 0.8cm (doubled).  The 0.7cm side will be on the outside of the shirt.  I also see the top of each piece needs no seam allowance (as it will be covered in the bias binding).

Studying layout and seam details for pattern n, Happy Handmade Vol 2

You can also see at the bottom of the diagram that the fabric should be 120cm wide.  Mine is 108cm.  That made a big difference in how much total fabric is required.  I fudged it to get bias binding out of my yard, and even then I made a measuring mistake so I may have to cut into a second yard to finish.  Le sigh.  But that's for tomorrow...

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