Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blogging identity crisis epidemic

No sooner do I post my uncertainty about blogging than do I read not one but three blogs where other women are doing the same.  New year, new thinking.

Decision: Go for it...but keep it simple.

keep the story simple

I like the idea of getting back to "slow blogging" for no purpose other than my own.  Perhaps what has given me the most pause recently is the change in the pace of blogging.  When I started years ago, it was new and everyone was testing it out.  Most people were just playing around or (like me) using it to keep family and friends updated.  Then, some people began to experience wild success stories, landing book deals and raking in enough income to keep both parents at home...and suddenly blogging was a question of brand building and social media engagement and and and...  Anything less felt like failure somehow.  Blah.

I mean, seriously: do I really want a book deal?
Well, actually...yes please.  I would love a book deal, thank you very much.
But approaching every visit to the computer to blog while thinking about building a brand that would entice a publishing house to give me an offer is just enough to allow my perfectionist self to overanalyze and paralyze any attempt at writing, to feel exhausted and overwhelmed (just like how you feel after reading this sentence)...and remove all fun.  Who wants that?

Slow blogging.
Inspired blogging.
Enjoyment and engagement at a reasonable pace.
Those all seem like very good things to me.

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