Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Under the weather

I'm sick.
Our family spent the entire school holiday sick, and now I'm still sick (or sick again, which is probably more accurate).
This morning, I may or may not have called the doctor and cried on her voicemail when she still was out of office close to noon...because I wanted to come in that badly.
She did greet me with a hug when I went in at 12:30, because I was such a sad case.  She also gave me meds, instruction to rest and a side order of "call Hubby and tell him you need him to come home sooner than later".  Bless her.
Hubby did come home sooner than later, ordered pizza for dinner and completely took over.  Bless him.
Which is great, because this morning while I was calling the doctor crying, sewage was backing up into the basement (again) and I spent the only hours both girls were at school this afternoon working with the plumber.  Glub-glub-burbling-noises are not good noises when made by sewage bubbling up into your house.
But those noises do buy serious pity points with a friend who then offers to look after your littles for an hour after school so you can take that much needed and recently prescribed nap in the interim before Hubby comes home.  Bless her.

What a day.  Full of so very many good things that followed some bad things.  Better to end with the good, I say.
Wishing you a healthy start to your week!

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