Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How I roll

Friends, please allow me to introduce to you my beloved bicycle.


I roll on a Dutch omafiets (that's Dutch for "grandma bicycle").  I used to roll a mama bike (moederfiets) which had extra-long wrap-around handlebars to accommodate a baby seat up front, but we outgrew that one.  Now, up front I have The Largest Bike Basket Known To Man, which I love.  I  can fit three big bags of groceries in there or, more typically, my daughter's backpack and all our assorted paraphernalia (rain pants, ponchos, water bottle, etc.).  We cycle to school nearly every day.

Yes, in the freezing cold.
Yes, even in the snow, as long as the roads are clear of ice and slush.
No, you aren't the first person to question my sanity.

We only live a mile or so from her school, so it seems obvious to us to cycle.  In fact, walkability and cycle-bility (my own word) was one of the big reasons we chose this town when we moved to Pittsburgh.  We prefer fresh air to the car.  And you know what?  My daughters love it!  There were a few times when the weather first turned cold when my big girl asked for the car, but now she prefers the bike as much as I do.  She cycles her own (without training wheels!) and my little one rides on the back seat of mine (it's a Dutch bobike seat that can hold a kid up to 75 pounds).

I love my bike.
It makes me happy.
It's how I roll.


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