Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter weather

snow pattern on the back table

Another winter storm.
Another day of snow.
Another afternoon of scraping the driveway.
Thankfully, it was pure powder.  Clearing the driveway was pretty easy, and it gave me time in the fresh air to appreciate the upturn from the Arctic temperatures we were having the past few days to the more normal freezing temps.  No one warned me that winter in Pennsylvania would be preparation for Canada!


woodpecker reach

On the beautiful winter days (like today), I can appreciate this gift, this season that will make me appreciate the spring all the more when it arrives.
The gently falling flakes of snow.
The sun that comes out after a day of grey and lights up the world a dazzling bright.
I plopped down and made a snow angel in the front yard, just for the joy of it.
I took the time to fill the bird feeders.  The birds seem so grateful, having singing parties as they enjoy the feast.  Dressed in red, our resident cardinal pair invited three friends to join, and then we spotted an extra flash when the woodpecker arrived to take his share.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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