Monday, January 21, 2013


After a long, lazy morning of light, gently drifting snowflakes, the snow suddenly intensified to this:

this afternoon's heavy snow

Then, after an hour or two, the intensity eased and gave way to this:

snow blowing in the wind

So we could observe this:

cardinal in flight

As I put the kids to work* like this:

clearing the drive

And speaking of kids:

elf friends

Remember my obsession with the elf hats?  How cute are these girls?!  Look at this and tell me you wouldn't have been obsessed too.

*Actually, the kidlets grabbed hold of the shovels themselves. They pushed great swaths of snow into the street, leaving the driveway with very interesting designs, before they moved on to playtime, guaranteeing that I would follow behind them with driveway/sidewalk shoveling and then salting, making me look very good and on-top-of-things when our friend's daddy came to collect her an hour later.


  1. Ohhh so pretty - and hard to imagine while we are in the midst of a Perth Summer. Not much need for an Elf hat but those girls do look so darn cute!

  2. Thanks, Aussie Mum! I do miss Perth summer right now. The high today is supposed to be 13 degrees F (around -10C). Yipes!