Sunday, November 13, 2011

The bees' knees

Late this afternoon, my big girl came running into the kitchen and begged us to follow her to the front yard: "Mama! Papa! Come quick! Come! I've got to show you! There are, like, hundreds of bees on the green stool thing in our yard!"
Given that she tends to exaggerate and to call any winged insect (including tiny nits) bees and we couldn't visualize any green stool thing that might be in our yard, we were skeptical. But she was right!

Completely covering one side of the green electrical box on the edge of the yard is an entire colony of bees. They are several bees deep, and there appears to be a hole they are using towards the bottom of the pile. We think they must have found a way into the box at that point and the bees we see are the ones that don't fit inside. Fascinating to watch, and excuse me when I add they are bee-you-tiful! (I had to. Sorry.)

We can't bear the idea of someone spraying or even harassing them, so we're going to call the honey man from our farmer's market tomorrow. Hopefully, he will be able to point us towards some safe and friendly bee relocation consultants. In the meantime, I find myself drawn to them. Hubby has always wanted to keep bees, and I'm feeling the pull now myself. Amazing creatures!

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