Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lessons from NaBloPoMo

For the month of November, I posted on this blog nearly every day for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). I viewed it as an experiment. I wasn't sure what I wanted from this blog. I had been using it mainly as a record of projects and a little space to share whatever, whenever I was so inclined. I wasn't communicating much of importance. I've often toyed with the idea of a regular blog on a specific topic (I even bought a domain name but haven't posted there yet). I wanted to see how I felt about posting every day. Here is what I've realized:

  • I enjoy writing.
  • I enjoy communicating.
  • I'd like to make a personal commitment to explore other formats to see where that takes me. I used to journal almost daily but I haven't done much at all in recent years. Maybe a month of journaling every day?
  • Blogging everyday as a communication medium made me aware of other communications in my life that are lacking. Being an expat with a 12+ hour time difference between me and friends and family means communication has dwindled over recent years. I miss quality communication with people I know (or knew) well. Maybe a month of letter writing every day (or every other day)?
  • I still feel restrained as I approach the blog. As a friend pointed out, writing a blog is almost like entering politics. You are a private person in a public forum, and you open yourself to all kinds of feedback and criticism. I think I would feel more quality communication with some give-and-take, but I hold so much of myself back for privacy concerns that the quality of communication is affected. Perhaps a more focused topic (like my specific but as-yet-unspecified domain-name-idea) would give me flow?
  • And what about attempting that age-old paper format, book writing? Hmmm...
So, where does this leave us?

First and foremost, thank you for visiting this space! With the thousands of blogs out there, I know you have other places you could be and I appreciate your stopping by! Please leave a note and say hi!

I'm going to keep blogging here, though perhaps not every day.
I do actually enjoy the record-keeping purpose for all my creating. I'm relatively new to sewing and knitting, and I have loved cooking and photography for many years already. Those adventures are nice to share and record, even if I do it just for me. If someone else enjoys it too, fantastic! I have learned so much from other creative blogs that if I can give a little of that back, I'm happy!
As for those other project ideas, I'll keep you posted. I think I need to get through the Christmas season before I try to commit to another daily to-do.

In addition to NaBloPoMo...
I uploaded photos and 30-word-or-less captions for habit. I was so tickled each time they selected my photos out of the flickr pool to share on the blog that I'm wondering if I should develop my photography again. It has been a dormant passion for a while now, so it feels great to have that enthusiasm reignited. I'm not sure where that will take me, but another experiment is in order. Tempted to try a calendar sale before the end of the year, but would anyone be interested? I have tulips in Holland, European cities, small moments with children... There are some gorgeous images in my 10,000+ photo library. But calendars can be so personal. Perhaps photo stationery (postcards, notecards)?

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