Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shorts for Cal

Our friend, Big Cal, turned 3 last week. He'll be starting Montessori school on Monday, so new clothes seemed in order! Doggie shorts, lion shorts, and seersucker shorts. I still need to sew on pockets. Kids need pockets...especially so Big Cal can cart around his new doggie, lion, and zebra toys that will be gifted along with the shorts.

In case you are interested in sewing up a pair or two, I once again referred to the fantastic free basic pant pattern/tutorial on MADE. These are elastic waist all around, and I stopped the pattern at the end of the second sheet to make it shorts-length. Easy-peasy. Thanks, Dana!


  1. Such a clever Mamma you are! I really should get sewing for my boys this summer. Thanks for the link.

  2. The pattern should work up a perfect size for Rascal. Have fun!