Saturday, November 5, 2011

Knitting with my peeps

The first and third Saturdays of every month are the days I meet with my peeps. Immediately after I learned to knit, I joined a knit/crochet group at the wool shop (Crossways Wool and Fabric in Subi, for you locals). I'm the youngest member of the group by a decade or two (or more). Most of the women there have been knitting since they were 6, and now they are 60+. It's awesome! I learn something every time I go. Sometimes it's about knitting; sometimes it's about life.

These ladies have taught me that clove oil kills mold and makes your bathroom smell fantastic, that bicarb (baking soda) can do many, many wondrous things from cleaning just about everything in your house to slowing a wild heartbeat and easing nervous tension when taken in tiny doses. And I'll never forget the day when one woman announced that her husband was retiring that week, and there was a loud, collective groan around the table: "Oh, noooooooo!" "Does he have a shed? You've got to get him a shed!" "Teach him how to make his own tea so he doesn't drive you so crazy!"

My peeps. I love these women.

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