Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Staying near Ubud

When we first visited Bali in 2009, our girls were four and one. We stayed in a fantastic hotel in the small village of Keliki near Ubud in Central Bali. Most Australian tourists stick to Seminyak or Kuta on the coast, but we have beautiful beaches here in Perth; when we travel, we want something different. Ubud is the artistic and cultural center of Bali, so it was the clear choice for us.

Our stay at Alam Sari was absolutely perfect. It is completely ideal for young families who want to be out of the bustle of Ubud. The staff were incredibly, genuinely warm and welcoming, loving to our children and indulgent in our whims. The restaurant on site is open from 7am to 10pm without closing, meaning our kids could eat waffles for dinner at 4pm if they so desired (and often did) and Hubby and I could indulge in a multi-course Indonesian dinner in our open-air lounge after the girls were asleep. Most of the ingredients come from their organic vegetable garden. The family villa is fantastic.

They gave us the villa up the hill, away from the rest of the hotel, so our baby's nap time would not be disturbed. The rest of the villas surround the lovely pool.

From the hotel, you can easily walk to and through the rice fields or wander through the village.

If there was anywhere we wanted to go, they organized someone to take us in the van and they provided excellent guides full of all the cultural knowledge we could devour (especially valuable to us since we were there during the festival of Galungan). We loved it there, but we aren't the only ones who know about this place. In truth, we've never been able to get back. It's always booked out!

If you like to travel a bit off the beaten path but still be sure it is safe and sound for your family, we could not recommend this stay more highly.

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