Friday, November 4, 2011

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Over a year ago, I purchased my first vintage frock, The Kiss Kiss Bang Bang dress from fabulous Jenny of Frecklewonder. The dress was handmade in who knows what year from the brightest yellow and red fabric you have ever seen! I had to have it altered to compensate for lack of cone bra (as you do). I was too afraid to alter it myself, but I should have. Minor alterations almost cost more than the dress, and they overcompensated in the arms so now it slightly squeezes there. Sigh.
Determined to wear it anyway, I put it on, zipped it up...and the zipper broke. Nooooo!

For a year, it sat, unloved, un-mended...until finally today I put on my big girl panties and decided I, too, can replace a zipper! And, wouldn't ya know, I CAN!
And I did!

My wee sidekick likes it too.

Kiss kiss bang bang! Yes, indeed-y!